Supreme tricks to secure WordPress Website in 2017

how-to-secure-WordPressAre you looking for the ways to secure WordPress website?Security is one of the major concerns when it comes to running a WordPress site. There are many website owners those nags behind in terms of securing their WordPress site. Being a website owner it’s your responsibility to protect your site from hackers. As you all know WordPress is a huge blogging platform with fully loaded CMS platform, even it had bundles of themes and plugins, but you can’t change the fact that it is One of the most hacked CMS platform. There are millions of users and it seems that the number is rapidly growing each and every day.Usually, if you get hacked, you will know about that instantly. WordPress offers you the security tricks to keep your site safe So before you website is hacked it’s better for you to take precautions as there is saying “Prevention is better than cure”.

So, owners hold your seat belt tights and get ready to take care of these responsibilities as it’s your thing to do. Today, in this article I plan to discuss quite a few simple tricks that can help you secure your Website from hackers:

Before going further I need to point out the key tips to make your job easier –

  1. Secure WordPress login page
  2. Best WordPress security plugins
  3. Rename your login URL
  4. Monitor your files
  5. Backup and update your Website



  • Secure WordPress login Page

Users keep this in mind never use “Admin” as your username. Login page of your WordPress site is one of the major targets for hackers. Before that, it is necessary to take certain precautions. Hackers always try to guess your username and password again and again. So, never try to use default username for your site – this will make very easy for the hacker to guess. If you have already installed on your website as a  Wordpress default username immediately change it by inputting an SQL query in PhpMyAdmin.  Always try to use something unique and hard to guess username for your website.


  • Set a strong Password


It is necessary to set a strong password to protect your website from hackers.  if your password is not that strong, a hacker can easily gain access and destroy your site’s online visibility. You have to make your username uncommon along with the password. As always, use uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and special characters for the password. You can also use Force strong Password plugin you can easily pick the most secure password for your WordPress site. Never forget to change your password at regular intervals.



  • Add two-step authentication


This is most efficient way to make your website secure. By the use of two-step authentication you can take your login page to next level. In this process, your password requires authorization code that is sent to your mobile phone which then let you  log in your site. Often, the second login code is sent via SMS.

2. Best wordpress Security plugins

WordPress plugins that are being installed almost every day. I find them quite important when it comes to security. Nearly essential to a fast, secure, high-performing, user-friendly WordPress plugins.

All these plugins are very advanced and easy to use. Created by experienced developers. Over all it’s free.

So, Here listing down essential WordPress plugins. Let’s Check it out –


  • iThemes Security


When it comes to managing your website, Security Should is  the top most priority . iThemes  Security plugin  is one of most  important Security Plugin  provides numerous ways to secure your site and protect it from hackers. Poves the best WordPress security plugin to secure & protect your Website.

They even offer a one-click, “set it up for me” option.

Sharing some features which this security plugin carries –

  • Brute force attack protection
  • Enforce strong passwords
  • Automatically ban malicious login attempts
  • Monitor your filesystem
  • Scan for malware
  • Email notifications

And, many more ..

If you want to know How to install iThemes Security plugin , refer to this easy to understand tutorial.

  1. Sucuri

Sucuri Sucuri is an essential Plugin used for security purpose. This plugin is free for all WordPress users,  offers a set of security features for their website, each designed to have a positive effect on their security stance:

Features Sucuri security plugin carries –

  • Security Activity Auditing File Integrity Monitoring
  • Remote Malware Scanning
  • Blacklist Monitoring
  • Effective Security Hardening
  • Post-Hack Security Actions
  • Security Notifications
  • Website Firewall (premium)


Inserted in installing this amazing plugin, visit to this link How to install Sucuri plugin and get the best result for your website.

  • . Wordfence Security

Wordfence Security is the most downloaded free WordPress security plugin. With 2+ million active installtion and 5/5 rating is one of the most recommended plugin .Wordfence Security is 100% free and open source. The key features of this plugin are:

The major features of this plugin are:

  • Identifies malicious traffic, blocks the attackers and prevents the site from being hacked.
  • Blocks the known attackers, entire malicious networks.
  • Two-factor authentication, helps to improve passwords.
  • Scans core WordPress files, themes, and plugins.If you want to learn How to install WordPress Security plugin please refer to this link.


  • Delete the unused themes and plugins


Always make sure to delete all the non-functioning themes and plugins of your website. Such themes and plugins will, unfortunately, make your site slow and easy target for the hackers. If such plugins and themes are no use for you, you can simply deactivate and delete it from your WordPress admin dashboard.


  1. Rename your Login URL

It is very necessary to change the URL address of your login page, to want your site to be protected from hackers. why is it important to change the URL address of your website? if you won’t change it will become very easy for hackers to access your login page. They try to guess username and password. You can create a custom URL such as my_custom_login, Or install the  iThemes  Security plugin to automatically change your login URLs . So, users it’s time to change your URL now!

  1. Monitor Your files

Monitoring  your files is very essential. If you want to secure your files with the help of iThemes  Security plugin and Wordfence Security you can easily monitor the changes to the website’s files.  


  • Back up your site and secure  database regularly


Backups always help you to restore your website in case something goes wrong. No matter how much your website is secured, but if you haven’t created a backup of your website then there is no use. You have to create the backup on regular intervals. This will not only keep your site safe but also help you to protect all data from hackers. So, to keep regular backup you have to install very important backup plugins which I am going to discuss-


  • BackupBuddy


BackupBuddy is the most popular premium WordPress backup plugin which, offers you very simple way restore your WordPress site.  BackupBuddy backup includes everything needed to run your WordPress website. This amazing plugin Backup all WordPress files, all files in the WordPress Media library, your WordPress themes and WordPress plugins, and more. Once BackupBuddy completes your backup, you get a downloadable zip file of your entire WordPress website.Interested in this plugin then learn with the help of this tutorial you can easily learn How to install backupbuddy plugin.


  • BackWPup

With 600,000+ Active installations and 4 stars rated this BackWPup plugin allows you to backup your files and database to a variety of your own and third-party storage spaces.  So, install today for proper backup of your website. Learn a lesson how to install How to install backWPup plugin

There are many more plugins which can help you to create backup of your website such as  VaultPress, BackUpWordPress, UPdraftPlus.

Final words

These are some the very useful tricks, to make your website safe from the hackers. Follow these steps carefully and secure website without spending a huge amount. The more you care about your website, the harder it will become for the hacker to attack. For any query please feel free to comment below, thanks for reading!





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Utilizing your Sunday afternoon for a little meal prepping not only pads your wallet with more disposable income, you’re helping to cut down on the wasteful materials of to-go food packaging AND saving yourself countless calories by mindfully preparing your own meals. Here are some delectable and yet very healthy meal which you can easily prepare for your family . Setting yourself up for a week full of lunch break meals you can actually look forward to.

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Best 5 ways to make your blogging skills

Blogging is a truly effective way of bringing traffic to your website and engaging people with your brand. It has been an important tool that grows your online presence eventually helping your business to grow. At times, you might or might not get the desired results out of a blog. A successful reach could boost your confidence up, while, a not so popular blog might leave you frustrated. After all, it raises questions against the hard work you’ve put in to create the blog.

Here Are Certain Tips That You Can Keep in Mind to Extract Better Results with Your Blogs:

Visual Content Is the King

Plain textual blogs with no images can get very boring and monotonous which might withdraw the interest of the reader. The interaction and conversion rate is instantly lost which is a negative aspect for the brand. Thus, to engage with the audience in a better way, use images and infographics that are visually appealing which can hold the interest of the reader till the end. One shouldn’t over load the blog with images also, but it should be perfectly placed and attractive enough.

Welcome Suggestions

It’s good to engage with your audience by asking them for suggestions, their inputs which can be both negative or positive. These inputs can be very valuable for writing your next blog as you’ll now be aware of people’s likes and dislikes in a better way. However, it shouldn’t be a mandatory exercise as not all the readers want to review it, they might be interested in only reading it.

Well Planned Content Strategy

The story line of the blog should be decided before you start writing. A flawless flow of the article is extremely engaging and is reader friendly. An article should be consistent in terms of topic and focus while obviously changing the tonality of the story as per script demands. A strategy before you start writing does wonders for the brand as well as for the blogger who is clear in his concepts.

Be Active with Responses

A person who comments or replies to your blog should receive a reply from your end at the earliest. This comes across as an effective way to engage with the audience on one to one basis. The person would want to come back to your website for interaction and thereby increasing your reader base.

Sharing Enhances Virality

We live in a World wherein everything gets uploaded on social media platforms. A blog on your website that has options on letting you share it with friends or on your social media platforms will surely give you scope of better reach. Instant sharing is very effective and sharing a good read on social media is very much in trend.

Keeping up with these tools can help you be a better blogger and engage with the audience in a more accurate manner.

Best ways to improve traffic on Instagram

Instagram is the new age social media which is fun, easily accessible and gaining immense popularity. While, it is the best platform for the photographers to exhibit their extraordinary skills, it is becoming a powerful hub for businesses to showcase their USP as well.

Initially, Instagram wasn’t considered a potential platform for business but now it has created a necessary place of its own. There are 4 reasons which account to the astounding success as it is the source of visual marketing, it is the fastest growing platform, generates high quality leads and you’re likely to find the target audience and drive traffic to Instagram.

With 300 million users and counting, many brands are seeking opportunities to interact with the audience and let their products resonate in the minds of people. The challenge lies in the fact as to what is the best way to utilize the platform fully.

Here Are a Few Ways to Drive Traffic to Instagram Page:

1. Share your link in the bio

It is important to drive traffic by letting people know about your company in the bio itself with the help of the link.

2. Use Hashtags Appropriately

While it is important to include hashtags in your caption, one should not over use it. Use the appropriate ones or else it will lead to a lot of spillage.

3. Use Appealing Images with Right Filters

Instagram is all about photos. Thus, using appealing images is the key factor as it will attract the audience instantly urging them to connect with the brand further.

4. Be Consistent While Posting

Being consistent is the key to pave way into the audience’s mind as the more they see any post/photo/blog from a brand the more they will get acquainted with it. However, being regular doesn’t mean over posting.

5. Run Contests and Deals

It is important to increase the engagement of audience and what better way than running contests and giving discount offers and attractive deals.

6. Be Exclusive

It goes without saying that you must stand out of the rest, so make sure your content strategy, captions, photos etc. are different and more attractive than the rest.

7. Invest in Influencers and Instagram Ads

If you can get influencers to market your product in some way, it is highly likely to shoot up your engagement rate thereby increasing traffic on your site leading to sales. Same goes for the sponsored ads as they will reach a wider audience very quickly.

8. Be Active and Highly Responsive

Following up with people’s comments and queries is necessary. It is good to engag with them on personal level and being active to their remarks.

Though there are other factors that you should be keeping in mind these are primary steps that will help your business grow on the fastest growing social media platform called Instagram!